Countryside Estates

Case Study #2: Countryside Estates

The Challenge:
To overcome sluggish sales at an entry level 212 lot single family subdivision previously known as Deerfield at Mystic in Mystic, Connecticut.

A local broker opened for sales hoping for success. During the Grand Opening the community had twelve sales. Unfortunately, for the six months thereafter, only two homes were sold. The subdivision suffered with the reputation of a failed community.

The Solution:
Redesign the visual impact the community and its homes had on potential buyers as well as add value to the home buyers purchase.

ON-SITE Sales & Marketing was hired to prepare a comprehensive feasibility study and was asked to execute a strategic marketing program. The study showed that there was no cohesive marketing and sales program in place, the community had the look of a trailer park, the models were poorly decorated, and that too many features were considered “optional” thus allowing for poor profitability as well as creating a terrible look for the community.

The few homes that were built in the community had no architectural interest. The original purchasers were permitted to order new homes without consideration of how their appearance would affect the overall look of the development. Small ranch homes were not only permitted to be placed adjacent to each other, but many had no garages. Capes were sold without dormers making finishing of the 2nd floor impractical while also creating an abundance of boring roof lines to visitors to the community. The homes that were built all had the same set backs from the street creating poor curb appeal to the entire community.

It became apparent that a new approach was needed in order to accelerate absorption at the community and to increase profitability by selling as included features many items such as garages and dormers that were originally offered only as options. This would not only increase the sales volume but would help create a more attractive community.

In order to eliminate a poor impression caused by the existing product, ON-SITE Sales & marketing recommended that the community be given not only a new community name but a new entrance.

The community was renamed Countryside Estates and new entrance signage and logos were created.

A new product line was also introduced with 1 car garages and architectural details such as dormers which were included in the increased base prices. We therefore began selling what had originally been considered upgrades as part of each and every sale.

A new sales village was created with four model homes, one of which was utilized as a sales center.

We not only made a basic landscape package included in the sale of each new home, but we also provided complimentary landscaping to existing home owners to enhance the overall look of the community.

A new brochure and an array of collateral material was created.

Rather than utilizing a local brokerage for the sales efforts, sales professionals were hired that were devoted exclusively to the sales efforts at Countryside Estates.

The Results:
Implementation of ON-SITE’s solutions produced rapid sales.

After all of the above changes were instituted, a new Grand Opening was announced and sales soared. The sales program produced 60 sold homes at the end of a 12 month period after enlisting the services of ON-SITE Sales & Marketing.