Research & Planning

ON-SITE Sales & Marketing coordinates all the details of your development. We’ll help you select and work with the professionals that will bring your community to life, including your…

Market Research
The key for success of a new residential development starts in the planning stages. At your request, we will perform a comprehensive market evaluation that will help you understand the essential economic, demographic and competitive information you need to know. Our report will…


  • Analyze local market conditions and trends
  • Review the competitive environment of the market place
  • Identify buyer profiles and “hot buttons”
  • Forecast absorption rates
  • Provide pricing structure suggestions
  • Determine product mix
  • Research the area’s corporate business climate
  • Locate geographical sources of potential purchasers
  • Ascertain media sources that reach the target market per sale cost

ON-SITE’s research and planning can insure that your efforts meet with the highest degree of success possible. Our goal is to achieve a rapid sell-out at the maximum sales price.